What is IIoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things is an evolution of the IoT that allows an intelligent device to have multiple connections at the same time and to work with more data. It is a multitude of industrial devices connected by communication technologies that translate into systems able to monitor, collect, exchange, analyze and provide useful and quick information for the company.
The purpose of the IIoT is, therefore, to optimize the production process through the connection between the machines.

The IIoT, in this way, facilitates the processing of data that allows for predictive analysis and consequently also for maintenance, reducing cost savings. Furthermore, the IIoT makes it possible to check the production times and, therefore, to optimize the production phases.
The most innovative companies today invest both on IoT and IIoT. First, it allows having an intelligent machine available, while the second one allows to connect them to each other and to develop valuable data for the company and the processes.

What changes in industry 4.0? New maneuver penalizes SMEs

Italian SMEs have been encouraged, from the Industry 4.0 plan, to invest in digitization and new technologies, first IoT and then IIoT.
New technologies not only improve efficiency and productivity through interconnection but also help make companies more competitive by increasing market share and customer loyalty.
New changes, not so positive for the impressions, those that emerge from the budgetary planning document sent by the government to the European Commission
For hyper-depreciation there are three rates:
• 250% for investments up to 2.5 million;
• 200% up to 10 million;
• 150% up to 20 million.
Altogether this is a cut of 175% on tangible assets and 120% on intangible assets.
As for the super-amortization, however, it comes to 140% and remains in force only for investments planned in 2018. So for SMEs who decide to invest by the end of the year 2018, there are still tax breaks that will no longer be available from 01/01/2019.

What we guarantee for DM to SMEs

At DM, we believe in the importance of technology to optimize and make productive processes efficient within companies. By applying the INDUSTRIA 4.0 technologies, we support manufacturing companies in the transformation and digitization of all sectors.
You are still in time to invest in software and IT systems functional to the technological and digital transformation of production processes.
Thanks to our DMP software, companies can be more competitive:
• punctual control of the company;
• ROI maximization;
• traceability of production;
• efficient control of quality and production;
• IIoT machines-man interconnection.