Software gestione della produzione




BUSINESSPlastic molding & packaging
“DMP software is proactive and therefore able to alert the operator based on time or quantity thresholds. Thanks to DMP, we have moved from a purely paper-based production management to complete digitization. An important aspect is related to quality controls, as DMP warns the operator when to carry out quality checks during the production process. “
BUSINESSMetals molding & foundry
“One of the aspects of the DMP platform, which influenced the choice, is the integration with our management system. Another decisive aspect was training in more than a short time, not only for the operators but also for the office staff and department heads. With the passage of time, we are happy and satisfied with our choice also for the efficient ongoing technical assistance service and the possibility of the ticket service. In this way an exchange of ideas and the resolution of the slightest doubt occurs easily. “
BUSINESSHousehold appliances
“The results obtained have fully met the objectives of the management and paved the way for further improvements in the efficiency and production efficiency of the company through the online controls allowed by DMP. For this reason we are working on the application, during the line, of the control of the adequacy of the serial number, for each kitchen codified with the orders in progress on the line. “
BUSINESSFood production
“DMP and the factory culture of DM consultants have greatly influenced our choice because we needed a short time to complete the project and a modern application platform, in Cloud, easy to use. The integration time with our ERP management system and the implementation of the project, beyond the training phase, was shorter than we expected. The experience of the DM consultants with the ERP SAP system and the internationality of the DMP product was also important in the decision. “
BUSINESSMetals molding for automotive
“With DM the collaboration has lasted for 10 years and slowly our factory logic has evolved with DMP. The transition to a version of a product that is already strongly consolidated as DMP has allowed us a considerable time saving both in the acquisition of data both in operator training. This was also facilitated by DMP’s option to customize the terminal, allowing a minimally invasive change for the operator. “
“The choice of DMP is based on the characteristics of this product: innovative from the technological point of view, easily integrated with the machines present in the company and as far as industry 4.0 is concerned. is an MES system capable of covering all the needs of production processes. We are now in the second phase of the project that will lead us to extend this system to all company departments, so as to transform the way we work, streamline the distribution and collection of information and truly become a smart factory “.